Abu simbel sun festival

By Jenna Jolie

Abu Simbel Sun festival one of the best Egypt tours many tourists waiting for it all over the year, through this amazing festival, tourists gather from around the world to witness the greatness of such a unique phenomenon. These phenomena occur twice yearly, once on 22nd of February and the second on 22nd of October after exactly 8 months.

Abu simbel sun festival

According to history, during the construction of Abu Simbel Temple, Ramses II wanted its internal chamber to light up twice a year – the first time on 22 February, on the anniversary to his ascension to the thrown and the second time on his birthday on 22 October.

Every year, the temple faces east, and at the solstices – twice a year – the dawn sunlight is aligned to light the entire length of the temple entrance corridor (some 200 feet inside), lighting up three of the four statues at the end of the corridor. Only the statue of Ptah, the god of darkness, fittingly, remains in darkness.

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