Top 10 Foods In Egypt (Part 1)

By Jenna Jolie

1. Ful wa Ta’meya (Fava Beans and Falafel)

Ful mudammas and Ta’meya are the original Egyptian fast food; they are a staple of the Egyptian diet. The ful is made of fava beans that are simmered all night in a massive round cauldron-looking pot called Qedra.

Egypt-Fava beans and Falafel

The ta’meya, or Egyptian falafel is made out of crushed fava beans that is later mixed and made into a paste then fried, unlike Lebanese falafel that is made out of hummus. Perfect for vegetarians.

2. Kushari

Rice, black lentils, spaghetti, round little pasta rings, whole hummus, caramelized onions, and thick tomato sauce. Now toss all the previous ingredients together in one big bowl, add some hot sauce and vinaigrette. Eat. That is pretty much what is in a kushari. Sounds mental but it’s delish!


3. Kabab wa kofta (Grilled meats)

Succulant grilled meat cubes and seekh kebab, typically made out of veal or lamb, they are usually served with bread (baladi) and an assortment of green salads and dips, mostly tahini, baba ghanoush, and tzatziki. They are grilled over charcoal and they are a must for any meat lover visiting Egypt.

Egypt-Grilled meats

4. Sugoq wa Kibdah Iskandarani (Alexandrian Sausages and Liver)

Another treat for meat eaters, especially if they like their meat spicy; the sausages are cooked and left to simmer almost without end in a pan of very spicy chili tomato sauce, and the liver is cooked in its own spicy juices, served with Torshi. Should be immediately followed by a sandwich of halawa bel qeshta(sweet sesame paste with double cream) to balance the heat.

Egypt-Sausages and liver

5. Hawawshi (Egyptian meat pie)

Spiced ground beef cooked in a whole loaf of baladi bread, either in a rotisserie oven or baked in a regular oven.

Egypt-Meat pie

Source: alrahalah