Where can US citizens stay the longest without a visa?

Every US citizen must obtain a valid visa to stay in Egypt. Without a visa, US citizens can not stay anywhere in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Because US citizens are not in the visa-free nationalities list for entering Egypt, they must request for a traditional or e-visa. Nowadays, US citizens can save a lot of time and money by applying for a visa online which eliminates the process of managing complicated paperworks and interviewing with the Embassy. 

US citizens may now apply for Egypt e-visas, which is easier and more practical. More than 70 nations have so far been able to use this online visa. With this type of e-visa, US travelers can stay in Egypt for 30 days or more depending on their types of visa they choose. When they arrive in Egypt, they must show a US passport that is still valid for at least six months that is linked with their e-visa approval.

For anyone who wishes to come to Egypt, they must apply for a visa. However, Egypt's electronic visa is only used for tourism and leisure purposes. Others who want to come to Egypt for another reason must apply for a casual visa at the Embassies.

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