What is the Egypt Visa Fee for Saudi Arabian Travelers?

The Egypt Visa Fee must be paid in full by Saudi Arabia nationals in order to complete the application process. The Egypt Service Fee and the Government Fee are the two types of Egypt e-Visa costs that Saudi citizens must pay when applying for an Egypt e-Visa online.

The Government Fee and the Service Fee are the two main types of visa fees that Saudi nationals must pay in order to apply for a visa to Egypt. Saudi applicants must pay the government fee to the Egypt Immigration Department in order to finish their application. This is determined by the type of visa sought by Saudi nationals. The following table details the government costs that Saudi nationals must pay for each type of visa:

Single-entry e-visa

US $70

Multiple-entry e-visa

US $110

Besides the government fee, the service fees cost US $69 for each applicant. Egypt Immigration Services now provides three sorts of processing periods for visa applications:

  • Normal: Is for Saudi applicants to obtain visas in three business days. This service costs $69.00 for Saudi residents.
  • Urgent: If Saudi applicants require their visas within two business days, they must pay an extra $79.00 fee.
  • Super Urgent: For an additional $99.00 cost, Saudi citizens can acquire their visa in less than 24 working hours.



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