What are the different types of Egypt visa that I can apply for in the UAE?

On the website of the Egypt Immigration Services, you can apply for a visa to Egypt within just 15 minutes. You can obtain a standard visa for brief visits in Cambodia without going to the embassy or consulate thanks to the electronic visa system. This will save you a ton of time and money and make your journey more pleasant and enjoyable. The online e-visa system can eliminate the complexity of the procedures when applying at the Egypt Embassy. 

Currently, the Egyptian government only allows travelers to enter the country for short tourist trips. There are 2 typical types of visas for tourism purposes which is accepted by the Egypt government: 

  • Single-entry e-visa: This e-visa is for UAE travelers entering Egypt to go sightseeing and visit their family members and friends. However, this e-visa gives visitors the once chance to travel to enter the country during the 3-month validity period. They can stay in this country for 30 days in total. 
  • Multiple-entry e-visa: This e-visa is the same function with single-entry tourist e-visa, however, UAE travelers can use this e-visa to enter Egypt many times and stay in this country for 30 days each visit. 

That is the difference between 2 types of Egypt tourist e-visa. UAE travelers can consider how many days and how many times they want to travel to Egypt and choose the most suitable e-visa for them.

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