What About an Egypt Visa for Indians Who are Minors?

The e-visa process for minors is the same as adults. They can apply at the Embassy or apply online at Egypt Immigration Services. The online method can save a lot of time and eliminate the paperworks. However, Indian travelers who are parents will on behalf of their child complete the visa application form.

There are two types of e-visa that both adults and minors can apply for: Tourist e-visa with single entry and Tourist e-visa for multiple entries. To apply for this type of e-visa for minors, Indian citizens must fill in the form with their childs’ name, D.O.B, nationality and intended travel dates. The information must be correct to avoid application rejection and delays. After finishing the form, Indian citizens must pay a visa fee for e-visa to be processed. 

Indian travelers must remember that minors applying for an e-visa also follow the e-visa requirements. They must have a valid e-visa which is still effective for 6 months when arriving in Egypt. A scanned biographical page and a portrait of themselves must be submitted through email. 

Important note: The number of children will be in accordance with the number of applications. If your children have 2 nationalities, you must choose one and use it during the process.

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