How much is a visa for Egypt from the UK?

The two primary kinds of visa costs that UK citizens must pay to apply for a visa to Egypt are the Government Fee and the Service Fee. To complete their application, UK applicants must pay the government fee to the Egypt Immigration Department. This depends on the kind of visas UK citizens seek to apply for. The following lists the government fees that UK citizens must pay for each type of visa:

  • Single-entry Tourist e-visa cost per person: $70.00
  • Multiple-entry Tourist e-visa cost per person: $110.00

For UK citizens, the Visa Service Fee is $69 per visa. The price could go up if UK candidates select a Rush or Super Rush service option. The faster they want their visa, the more money they must pay. The following three types of processing times are currently available from Egypt Immigration Services for visa applications:

  • Typical option: UK applicants can acquire visas in three business days. This service is available to UK citizens for $69.00.
  • Rush option: UK applicants must pay an additional charge of $79.00 if they need their visas to arrive within two business days.
  • Super Rush option: This service enables UK citizens to obtain their visa in less than 24 working hours for an extra $99.00 fee.



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