How much is a visa for Egypt from Saudi Arabian

When Saudi Arabian citizens apply for an e-visa, they must pay for the e-visa fee for granted an Egypt e-visa. There are 2 fees that travelers from Saudi must pay are government and service fees. The government fee is compulsory because this amount of money will be charged by the Egyptian government. 

There is another fee that travelers must pay is Service fees which is spent for our assistance for providing consultation services, processing paperwork and visa applications with the government. This fee can be adjusted depending on how fast you want to obtain an e-visa: 

  • Normal: Saudi travelers will obtain an e-visa within 3 business days. 
  • Urgent: Saudi nationals will get an e-visa within 2 business days. You must pay an extra fee when using this service. 
  • Super Urgent: This option is considered as the most expensive and fastest service, Saudi citizens will obtain an e-visa in less than 24 business hours.

You can pay by using electronic transfer (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal) or wire transfer (Bank of Cyprus). Payment methods which are not listed are not accepted to pay the e-visa fees. Furthermore, paying a minimal price for COVID-19 insurance might be a useful package to retain your benefits of accidents and health risks when going outside of your nation.

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