How Long is an Egypt Tourist Visa for UK Citizens Valid For?

There are two different e-visa kinds available for travelers from the UK. Every type of visa enables travelers from the UK to enter Egypt for tourist and visit purposes listed on the list below. UK candidates must also be aware of the conditions associated with each type of visa, such as the permitted period of stay and the intended use of the document.

  • Single-entry e-visa: This e-visa is for UK citizens traveling to Egypt for leisure purposes and to see friends and relatives. However, this e-visa only allows travelers to enter the nation once during its three-month validity period. They are permitted a total of 30 days in this nation.
  • Multiple-entry e-visa: This e-visa serves the same purpose as the single-entry tourist e-visa, except tourists from the United Arab Emirates can use it to enter Egypt multiple times and stay there for 30 days each time. This visa is valid for 6 months after the date of entry. 

The following are the basic Egypt e-visa requirements for citizens of the UK:

  • A valid passport that will still be functional six months after the date of entrance into Egypt.
  • The passports must have at least two blank pages in order to verify the validity of the visa.
  • A duplicate of the passport's biographical page (with full information, not missing any details, lines).
  • A customized color portrait of the candidate ( with full face and formal clothes).



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