How long does it take to get an Egypt visa?

The quickest and best method for US visitors to travel to and discover wonderful Egypt is with an e-visa. Depending on the visa processing services they chose in their application, US applicants often obtain their visa in 1 to 3 business days. If US citizens want to get an e-visa sooner, they can apply for Rush Visa service. They should be aware that their decision will affect the overall cost of their visa. For the duration of their visa's processing, US nationals have three alternatives from the Egypt Immigration Services:

  • Regular service: This choice is appropriate and common for US visitors on tight budget travel plans. Within three business days, they will be notified of the visa decision via email.
  • Urgent service: Those who use this service will have their Egypt e-visa in just two working days.
  • Rush Visa service: Currently, this is the fastest choice. Within a day, US citizens may get their Egypt e-visa.

Before applying, US travelers must understand e-visa requirements in order to make the process smoother. After submitting the application form, US travelers can check their e-visa status by clicking the “Check Status” button. The processing result will be sent to your email after 30 minutes.


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