How long can a Saudi Arabian citizen stay in Egypt?

Saudi nationals are not authorized to stay in Egypt if they do not have a valid visa. To enter and stay in Egypt for a short amount of time, Saudi nationals must get a visa. Thankfully, Saudi nationals may apply for an Egypt e-visa. The Egyptian government established an online visa scheme in 2017 enabling more than 70 countries, including Saudi Arabia, to apply for an e-visa.

The kind of visa chosen by Saudi travelers influences how long they may remain in Egypt. Egyptian e-visas are mainly split into two (02) types:

  • Single-entry visa: This visa allows Saudi nationals to enter Egypt once and remain for 30 days for tourism purposes.
  • Multiple-entry visa: Travelers from Saudi Arabia who employ this form of tourist e-visa may stay in Egypt for no more than 30 days for each entrance. This e-visa is likewise for tourists only.

Because the Egyptian government only accepts tourist e-visas, Saudi visitors who want to visit Egypt for other reasons, such as business or relocation, must apply at the Egypt Embassy. Applicants from Saudi Arabia can apply for an Egypt e-visa on their own or through Egypt Immigration Services. Before commencing the procedure, Saudi nationals should ensure that they have all of the essential documents to be processed for an e-visa.


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