Do you need a visa for Egypt from the UK?

UK nationals must get a visa before traveling to Egypt in order to enter this country. Travelers from more than 70 countries have been able to apply since 2017 for an e-visa, which is approved by the Egyptian government. Fortunately, UK nationals can apply for an Egypt e-visa as qualifying nationalities.

UK nationals have a few options for applying for a visa to enter Egypt:

  • Apply for a visa online if you plan to visit Egypt for a brief period of time for tourists. 
  • Submit a regular visa application to the Egypt Embassy in the United Arab Emirates (paper visa).
  • Upon arrival at a border crossing or airport, obtain a visa. 

Applying online is typically the most practical choice for short travels to Egypt. The electronic visa was introduced by the Egyptian Ministry of International Affairs and International Cooperation to advance the travel and tourism industry and quicken the application process for foreign visas. Accessing Egypt Immigration Services, we have optimized the system for UK travelers to have the chance to travel to Egypt in an easy way.

It is true that the electronic visa policy streamlines and expedites the process for residents of the UK seeking a visa to Egypt. UK applicants frequently receive their visas in no more than three business days after submitting the required papers and visa application forms.

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