Do you need a visa for Egypt from Saudi Arabia?

The answer is YES. Before traveling to Egypt, Saudi Arabia citizens can apply for an Egypt e-visa from their home country. Saudi travelers can get a visa at the Egypt Embassy, at the airport or on an online platform. However, there are some disadvantages when applying for an e-visa, we will make it clear for you: 

  • At the Egypt Embassy: Before interviewing with the Embassies, Indian citizens must prepare complicated paperworks. 
  • At the airport: When arriving at the airport, you can get a visa on arrival; however, this method requires a lot of documents to be granted the e-visa, travelers might not prepare enough or forget some of necessary documents at home. 

Both ways might cause visa rejection and travel cancellation which is definitely a waste of your time and efforts. Fortunately, Saudi Arabian citizens can apply online at Egypt Immigration Services. This platform is built to help travelers apply for an e-visa in an easy and convenient way in a short period of time without going anywhere. After 3 business days, Saudi Arabia citizens can have a valid visa to enter Egypt legally. 

Generally, there are 2 types of e-visa which are authorized by the government for tourism purposes only: 

  • Tourist e-visa with a single entry
  • Tourist e-visa with multiple entries



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