Do UAE Passport Holders Need a Visa for Egypt?

The answer is definitely YES. Before landing in Egypt, UAE nationals must have a visa for being eligible to enter Egypt. Since 2017, travelers from over 70 countries can apply for an e-visa which is authorized by the Egyptian government. Fortunately, UAE citizens are eligible nationalities who can apply for an Egypt e-visa.

UAE nationals can apply for a visa to enter Egypt through one of the following ways:

  • For short-term travels to Egypt for tourism, submit an online visa application. Along with being the location of the enormous Great Pyramids - Giza, Egypt is a popular destination among UAE tourists because of its pristine white beaches.
  • At the Egypt Embassy in UAE, submit an application for a normal visa (paper visa).
  • Obtain a visa upon arrival at a border crossing or airport.

For quick trips to Egypt, applying online is usually the most practical option. The Egypt Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation introduced the electronic visa to promote the travel and tourist sector and speed up the foreigner visa application procedure. 

It is true that the electronic visa policy makes it simpler and quicker for UAE people to obtain a visa for Egypt. After submitting the necessary paperwork and visa application forms, UAE applicants often obtain their visas in no more than three business days without going anywhere.


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