Do Indians Need a Visa for Egypt if They are in Transit?

The answer is NO if Indian travelers do not leave the airport; The answer is YES if Indian travelers want to stay in Egypt for a couple of days before taking the next flight. Currently, the Egyptian government only acceded tourist e-visa for Indian nationals to apply for. 

There are several ways for Indian citizens to get an e-visa, look at the list below and consider which ways you would choose to apply: 

  • Apply for a visa online if you want to visit Egypt for a limited amount of time for tourism purposes.
  • Submit a traditional visa application to the Egypt Embassy (paper visa).
  • Get an e-visa at the airport which is called a visa on arrival. 

Applying for a visa at the Embassy or visa on arrival will take a lot of time for Indian travelers to wait in a long queue; unfortunately, the Egypt Embassy has not been opened in India yet so they need to find the nearest one in the nearest country. Applying online is often the most practical solution for short journeys to Egypt. The electronic visa was created by the Egyptian Ministry of International Affairs and International Cooperation to improve the travel and tourist business and shorten the application procedure for foreign visas. Using Egypt Immigration Services, you can apply for a tourist e-visa with a flexible price for staying a few days before the next flight.

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