Can I get an Egypt visa online?

Definitely yes, US citizens completely get a valid e-visa for entering the country. There are 2 ways that the US nationals can apply: 

  • First method: US citizens can apply for a traditional visa at the Egypt Embassies or Consulates that are located near their residence. 
  • Second method: US citizens can apply online for an e-visa through Egypt Immigration Services.

Since 2017, the Egyptian government has allowed the United States as one of the countries that can apply for an e-visa online for tourism and visiting reasons. Generally, there are two types of Egypt e-visa for US travelers to apply for: 

  • Single-entry e-visa: Is valid for 3 months from the date of entry and allows for a stay duration of 30 days in total. 
  • Multiple-entry e-visa: Is valid for 6 months from the arrival date and has a 30 days stay for each visit during the validity period. 

The Egypt Immigration Services is available to assist US nationals and make the procedure simpler for you. Travelers from the US do not have to wait in a lengthy line at the Embassy to acquire a visa because the entire procedure is done online. It will be able to save a ton of time by working in this way. The applicants' email addresses will be used to receive the visa after it has been granted.

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