Egypt e-Visa requirements for Swedish citizens

Almost all nationals require a visa to enter Egypt, however, a small group of 74 countries, including Sweden, are eligible for an Egypt e-Visa.

The Egypt online visa was created to ease admission into Egypt, a major tourist destination visited by millions of people from all over the world each year.

This article will provide you with all of the necessary information about an Egypt e-visa for Swedish citizens, including all of the requirements and instructions on how to apply for an Egypt e-visa from Sweden.

Types of Egyptian Visas for Swedish citizens

Types of Egyptian Visas for Swedish citizens

To travel to Egypt, Swedish people must obtain a visa. Swedish nationals have numerous alternatives and visa kinds accessible to them, based on their preferences and frequency of visits to the country.

Swedish citizens can obtain an Egyptian e-Visa in two ways: a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa.

  • A single e-Visa allows for one 30-day entry. The visa can be utilized at any time within 90 days of its issuance.
  • A multiple-entry e-Visa allows visitors to enter the nation as many times as they like over 180 days from the issued date. The maximum period of stay, in this case, is also 30 days at a time.

Egypt visa requirements for Swedish citizens

Swedish citizens can apply for an Egypt e-Visa if they are visiting Egypt for tourism purposes. They must contact the Egyptian embassy in Sweden and request a different sort of visa for other travel objectives, such as working or living in Egypt.

All tourists, including minors and children traveling on their parents' passports, must complete an individual Egypt visa application from Sweden.

  • When applying for a visa to Egypt from Sweden, you must have a valid Swedish passport. The passport expiry date must be at least 06 months after the date of arrival in Egypt and 02 blank pages.
  • In addition to a valid passport, Swedish citizens planning to visit Egypt must have a valid email address to secure visa acceptance.
  • A valid payment card is required for online visa fee payment (either debit or credit).

Apply for Egypt e-Visa as Swedish citizens

Apply for Egypt e-Visa as Swedish citizens

The simplest option for Swedish citizens is to obtain a Egypt e-Visa. The online application form takes only a few minutes to complete and can be completed from anywhere in the world.

To apply for an Egypt visa as a Swedish citizen, go to our website and fill out the application form. Applicants are required to provide personal information, passport information, and trip information. These are some examples:

  • Name(s) and surname(s), precisely as they appear on the passport.
  • Date and place of birth.
  • Contact information for individuals.
  • Nationality country.
  • Country of passport number.
  • Dates of passport issuance and expiration.
  • Dates for visiting Egypt.

After filling out the form and ensuring that all the information provided is correct, applicants can proceed to the online visa fee payment and submission of the application.

It is recommended that you apply for a visa at least 03 days before your trip, and visa processing time ranges from 01 to 03 business days.

Tourists must print the visa and give it to the immigration officer in Egypt, together with their Swedish passport, upon arrival.

Egypt e-Visa fee for Swedish citizens

To obtain an online visa, Swedish citizens must pay two types of Egypt e-Visa fees: a government fee and a service fee. Because Sweden is not on Egypt's exemption list, Swedish travelers must pay the government fee.

Regarding the service fee, you can select one of 03 service options, which are as follows:

  • Normal service: This is the cheapest option. You will receive your Egypt visa in 03 business days.
  • Urgent service: If you select this advanced service, you will receive your e-Visa result within 02 working days.
  • Super urgent: If you require your Egypt e-visa as soon as possible. You can expect to receive an Egypt e-visa within 01 working day if you use this service.

Swedish visitors can pay their Egypt e-Visa fees via electronic transfer (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and PayPal) or wire transfer (HSBC bank transfer).

We also recommend that you pay a small fee for COVID-19 insurance, which can help protect your benefits while in Egypt.