Egypt e-Visa requirements for Slovak citizens

Egypt's international visitors have expanded dramatically in recent years, reaching nearly 9 million people per year. One of the important factors that make Egypt an appealing destination is the availability of the Egypt e-Visa, which is available to a variety of nationalities, including Slovak citizens.

This basic, clear online application form takes only a few minutes to complete and can be done from the comfort of one's own home.

When applying for an online visa to Egypt as Slovak citizens, there is no need to make an appointment with a local embassy or consulate.

Types of Egypt e-Visa for Slovak citizens

1. Types of Egypt e-Visa for Slovak citizens

The Egyptian government has established many sorts of Egyptian visas for international nationals, including Slovakians, depending on their purpose for visiting Egypt.

Slovak visitors to Egypt must carefully consider and double-check their reasons for visiting. If a Slovakian applicant files for the wrong type of visa, they may be denied entry into the nation at the port of entry.

Egyptian tourist e-Visa for Slovak citizens is the most popular electronic visa, both in its single-entry and multiple-entry versions.

  • A single-entry tourist visa: This travel visa permits Slovakians to stay in the country for up to 30 days in a row and has a validity duration of 03 months from the date of issue.

    Visitors from Slovakia who apply for the tourist single-entry type should be aware that this Egypt e-Visa type only permits one entry into the country. If a Slovakian traveler leaves Egypt and then wishes to return, they must reapply for another online visa to Egypt.

  • A multiple-entry tourist visa: If Slovak tourists desire to enter, exit, and then re-enter Egypt several times, they can apply for an e-Visa to visit Egypt multiple times.

    This travel permit entitles the holder to multiple entries during an e-Visa validity term of 180 days from the date of issue. Slovakians applying for this form of e-visa should be aware that they can only stay in Egypt for a total of 30 days at each entrance.

2. Egypt e-Visa requirements for Slovak citizens

Before completing the online application form, Slovak citizens must review and comply with the Egypt e-Visa requirements, which the Egyptian government has deemed necessary for Slovaks to successfully get an electronic travel permit.

It is also important to note that all international visitors, including Slovak nationals, who have electronic travel permission must enter Egypt solely for tourism.

The following is a list of all the Egypt e-visa requirements for Slovak citizens:

  • A valid Slovak passport is required. When entering Egypt, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months and has 02 blank pages.

  • A scanned copy/image of the passport's biographical page (the section with the applicant's picture and details)

  • A valid email address, so that the Egypt e-Visa can be sent online.

Once all of these requirements have been satisfied, Slovak visitors can complete Egypt's entry e-Visa application form, pay the processing charge, and receive their travel permission.

Egypt e-Visa requirements for Slovak citizens

3. Applying Egypt e-Visa for Slovak citizens

  • Fill out the online Egypt e-Visa application: Filling out basic personal and passport information, as well as contact information, allows you to finish the quick Egypt e-Visa application form in only a few minutes.

    To avoid needless processing delays, it is also recommended that you carefully ensure that all the information supplied on the form is correct and error-free before applying for an Egypt visa for Slovak citizens.

  • Confirm Payment for the Egypt E-Visa: Before submitting the Egypt e-Visa application, the Egypt e-Visa fee must be paid.

    The fee must be paid with a valid credit or debit card that is authorized for internet transactions. Other payment options are not currently accepted.

  • Receive the approved Egypt e-Visa: Your approved Egypt e-Visa will be electronically connected to the passport you used to complete the application form after it has been processed and approved. A copy of the document is also delivered to your email address.

It is necessary to travel to Egypt using this same passport. It must be presented to immigration officials on arrival to gain entry to the country. However, in the unlikely event that the electronic system fails, you should print a physical copy of your approved e-Visa to provide alongside your passport.

4. Egypt e-Visa fees for Slovak citizens

You must pay two types of Egypt e-Visa Fees to obtain your e-Visa to Egypt: the e-Visa service fee and the Egypt Government fee.

The Egypt e-Visa Service Fee is the sum that the applicant must pay in advance for services provided during the Egypt e-Visa processing time.

The following steps are included in the Indian e-visa processing process:

  • Obtain and verify the applicant's personal information

  • Notification of status and results outcome of the e-Visa collection from the Egyptian government

  • Send the accepted visa to the applicant

Types of Egypt e-visa services:

  • Normal: For customers who need an e-Visa within 03 business days.

  • Urgent: For customers who require an e-Visa within 02 business days.

  • Super Urgent: For customers who require an e-Visa within 01 working day

The government fee is the sum that the applicant must pay to the Egypt Immigration Department for the Egypt Immigration Department to process an e-Visa application. This is the compulsory charge for e-Visa applicants.

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