Egypt e-Visa requirements for Singapore citizens

The Egypt e-Visa was launched in 2017 to boost tourism in the country and make it easier for foreign visitors to obtain travel authorization. The introduction of the evisa makes the application and obtaining of an Egyptian e-Visa process become simpler and more convenient. This new procedure also reduces the time it takes visitors to receive an e-Visa from weeks to a few days.

Citizens of over seventy countries, including Singapore, can apply for a visa without visiting an Egyptian embassy or consulate.

Types of Egypt e-Visa for Singaporean citizens

1. Types of Egypt e-Visa for Singaporean citizens

Most foreign nationals require a visa to visit Egypt. Singapore's citizens traveling to Egypt for tourism, leisure, or to visit family or friends can apply for an Egyptian e-Visa online. A single trip cannot be more than 30 days.

Visitors from Singapore who intend to stay in the nation for an extended amount of time, as well as those seeking to study or work in Egypt, must contact the nearest diplomatic representation to apply for an appropriate visa. In this instance, the application must be completed in person, and the visa application procedure will take longer than with an e-Visa.

Egypt provides Singaporeans with single-entry and multiple-entry e-Visas. A single-entry visa is valid for 03 months from the issued date, allowing for a 30-day visit to the country. A multiple-entry visa has a validity of 06 months from the date of issuance. With this e visa type, the travelers are allowed to enter the country multiple times, with each stay for a trip not exceeding 30 days.

2. Egypt visa requirements for Singaporean citizens

Some Egypt e-Visa requirements for Singaporean citizens. They are, for example:

  • A valid Singaporean passport with at least two blank pages for entry stamps and at least six months of validity remaining after the date of arrival in Egypt.
  • The fee for the e-Visa must be paid with a valid debit or credit card.
  • Having an active email address to get the e-Visa.

Because the entire e-Visa application procedure is electronic, you must apply with a reliable internet connection and mobile device (a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone). Once the travelers receive their e-visa via email, they must print out and present it along with their Singaporean passport at the border crossing.

Furthermore, Singaporean citizens are strongly advised to keep the document with them at all times while in Egypt.

Apply for an Egypt e-Visa as Singaporean citizens

3. Apply for an Egypt e-Visa as Singaporean citizens

Singaporeans must complete the Egypt e-Visa application form, including only the necessary personal and passport information, such as:

  • Name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality Passport number
  • Dates of passport issuance and expiration
  • Travel dates to Egypt
  • Contact information

Applicants must confirm that all the information they have submitted is correct. It is necessary to supply accurate and error-free information, or else the e-Visa may be delayed or denied.

Besides that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all foreign nationals entering Egypt must adhere to Egyptian COVID restrictions in order to ensure their own and others' safety. We advise you to purchase Covid-19 Insurance in advance of your trip. When you are not in your home country, you will be protected against many risks, including the Covid pandemic. We also want to emphasize that this is an optional step that you can take depending on your circumstances.

3. Egypt e-Visa fee for Singaporean citizens

To complete your application for an Egypt e-visa for Singaporean citizens, you must pay two types of Egypt e-Visa fees: the government charge and the service fee.

The government fee is mandatory because Singapore is not currently on Egypt's exemption list.

The service fee depends on the type of visa service you choose. You can make an online payment via electronic payment (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal) or wire transfer (HSBC direct bank transaction).

Concerning the service fee, you currently have three options depending on the processing time you require:

  • Normal: If you select this standard service, you will receive your e-visa result within three business days.
  • Urgent: You can get your e-visa result in as little as two working days if you use this service option.
  • Super urgent: If you need a visa as soon as possible, this is the best option. If you use this service, you will receive your e-visa result in just one working day.