Egypt e-Visa requirements for New Zealand citizens

The Egyptian government launched the online visa application to control the high level of travel demand and allow eligible applicants, such as those from New Zealand, to apply with relatively little effort and greater convenience.

New Zealanders seeking an electronic visa to Egypt no longer need to make an appointment with a local embassy or consulate, nor do they have to wait in visa queues when entering the country.

Types of Egypt e-Visas for New Zealand citizens

1. Types of Egypt e-Visas for New Zealand citizens

There are numerous types of Egyptian visas available for New Zealand citizens. Each of these Egypt e-Visas would have its own set of criteria and advantages. As a result, New Zealanders are recommended to carefully read all information regarding their necessary travel permits before coming into the country.

  • Egypt single-entry tourist visa for nationals of New Zealand:
    • The single-entry e-Visa to Egypt enables only one entry into the country. If a New Zealand visitor leaves Egypt and wishes to return, they must obtain a new Egyptian e-Visa.
    • Egyptian tourist visa permits the holder to stay for a maximum of 30 consecutive days. The e-Visa for single entry is eligible for three (03) months after the initiation of granting.
  • Egypt multiple-entry tourist visa for visitors from New Zealand:

    • The criteria for the multiple-entry e-Visa change somewhat in that a tourist from New Zealand can depart and return to Egypt several times within 180 days of the date of granting.
    • However, New Zealand applicants should be aware that each entry allows for a maximum stay of 30 days straight, however they can enter as many times as they want to.

New Zealand visitors must double-check the requirements before applying for a single-entry or multiple-entry tourist visa to Egypt.

2. Egypt e-Visa requirements for New Zealand citizens

Egypt's government established many Egypt e-Visa standards that all international travelers must adhere to and meet. New Zealanders can apply for a tourist e-Visa if they have specific documents and provide accurate personal information.

Egypt e-Visa requirements for New Zealand citizens include the following:

  • A valid New Zealand government-issued passport with a validity period of at least 06 months from the date of entrance and 02 blank pages.

  • A scanned image of the bio page of the passport. All personal information, such as complete name, date of birth, and passport number, must be visible in this image.

  • A specific email address is required to receive an e-Visa to Egypt.

It is critical to remember that New Zealanders must travel with the passport used to apply for the e-Visa. Because each e-Visa is electronically connected to the passport used to apply, if the applicant's passport is replaced (for whatever reason), you will need to obtain a new Egypt e-Visa.

Egypt e-Visa requirements for New Zealand citizens

3. Apply for an Egypt e-Visa from New Zealand

Nationals of New Zealand as well as others who can get an e-Visa to Egypt.

Once an eligible candidate has established whether they require a single-entry or multiple-entry tourist visa, the Egypt e-Visa application form is simple and uncomplicated to complete. This includes:

  • Full name

  • Address

  • Birthdate and birthplace

  • Nationality

  • Number of the travel document

  • Passport date of issue

  • Expiration dates

Applicants should carefully double-check all the information on the form to avoid application rejection or delays in acquiring the Egypt visa for New Zealand citizens.

4. Egypt e-Visa fee for New Zealand citizens

There are two types of Egypt e-Visa Fees that you must pay to obtain your e-Visa to Egypt: the e-Visa service fee and the Egypt Government fee.

The Egypt e-Visa Service Fee is the sum that the applicant must pay in advance for service during the processing time of an Egypt e-Visa.

You can choose from three sorts of services.

  • Normal: If you need an e-Visa within 03 business days.

  • Urgent: If you want to get an e-Visa within 02 business days.

  • Super Urgent: If you require the visa within 01 business day.

The government fee is the sum that the applicant must pay to the Egypt Immigration Department for the e-Visa to be processed. This is the mandatory fee for applicants seeking an Egypt e-Visa.

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