Egypt e-Visa requirements for Albanian citizens

Albania is one of the countries whose citizens are now eligible to apply for an Egypt e-Visa. If you are an Albanian, you are in luck because you no longer need to apply for a consular visa at the Egyptian diplomatic mission in Albania.

You can complete the application process from the convenience of your own home, saving you time, effort, and money. It is the ideal solution, and e-Visa will assist you throughout the process.

This article will tell you all the requirements as well as some additional information to help you apply for this visa successfully.

Types of Egypt e-Visa for Albanian citizens

1. Types of Egypt e-Visa for Albanian citizens

An e-Visa is a type of visa that can be obtained online rather than in person at a Consulate or Egypt Embassy in Albania. This document functions in the same way as a traditional visa and is only available for tourism purposes. Before you submit your Egypt e-Visa application for Albanian citizens, you have two options:

  • An Egypt e-visa (single entry): This type of e-visa is valid for 03 months from the date of issuance, allowing you to stay in Egypt for up to 30 days from your arrival date. You can enter the country only once.
  • An Egypt e-visa (multiple entries): This type of e-visa has the validity of 06 months from the issued date, allowing you to visit Egypt as many times as you want and stay for up to 30 days each time.

You may apply for both types of entry, but you are not required to do so concurrently. When applying for an Egyptian visa, you must choose between these two entry options. It is not possible to select both options at the same time.

2. Egypt visa requirements for Albanian citizens

Before you begin filling out the Egypt e-visa application form, make sure you have everything you need. The Egyptian Government expects very little of you, and chances are you already have everything they require. Here is a list of what you will require:

  • A passport that is valid for at least six months from the intended arrival date in Egypt. If you don't have one, you can get one quickly by visiting your local Government. Before you apply, confirm and double-check your passport's expiration date.
  • A valid email address to receive the Egypt e-Visa once approved.
  • A valid Credit Card/ Debit Card to pay for the visa fee. You can also use other methods of payment such as PayPal, American Express…

At the Egyptian border, the Albanian travelers can present a copy of their e-Visa along with their passport.

The Egypt e-Visa for Albanian citizens is only valid for a short period of time, so you need to visit the country during this period.

You should be aware that the application process provided by our website is quite simple. The steps are as follows:

  • Apply online by filling out a short and simple online form. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and it requires visa details as well as basic personal information such as the candidate's full name, date of birth, nationality, and passport information. Travel plans, such as the date of arrival/departure, are also requested.
  • Check your information and submit payment for the e-Visa application.
  • Receive your e-Visa by email.

Before departing, you should print the e-Visa and bring it with you when you arrive at Egypt's airport.

Egypt e-Visa fee for Albanian citizens

3. Egypt e-Visa fee for Albanian citizens

You must pay two types of Egypt e-Visa fees for Albanian citizens: the Government fee and the service fee. Both of which must be paid electronically (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal) or by wire transfer (HSBC direct bank transaction).

Furthermore, we recommend that you buy Covid-19 Insurance. When you are not in your home country, you will be protected against many risks, including the Covid pandemic. We also want to point out that this is entirely optional, which you should think about depending on your circumstances.

Because Albania is not on Egypt's exemption list, the government fee is required. In terms of service fees, you currently have three options depending on the processing time you require:

  • Normal: If you choose this standardized service, you will receive your e-visa outcome within 03 business days.
  • Urgent: You will receive your e-visa result within 02 working days if you select this option.
  • Super urgent: Strongly advised for emergencies. You will receive your e-visa result in just 01 working day if you use this service.